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We are in plan to provide optimized and complete training courses, in order to assist its customers to obtain comprehensive training solutions. In addition to the Basic and Type Training courses we provide the following special courses:

  • Human Factors in Aviation Maintenance Initial

  • Human Factors in Aviation Maintenance Recurrent

  • Quality Management Systems in Aviation

  • Aviation Safety Management Systems

  • Audit Management in Aviation

  • EASA Part M requirements

  • EASA Part 145 requirements

  • EASA Framework (Part M, 145, 66, 147)

  • EASA Part 147/66 requirements

  • Instruction Techniques Initial

  • Instruction Techniques Recurrent

  • EWIS Group 1,2

  • Fuel Tank Safety Phase 1,2

  • Unmanned Aviation Training

  • Foreign Object Damage

  • Continuation Training in recent technologies

  • Aircraft Marshalling

  • ETOPS (Extended-range Twin-Engine Operational Performace Standards)

  • Accidents Investigation

  • Stores Incoming Inspection

  • Electrostatic Sensitive Discharge (ESD)

  • Maintenance / Acceptance Test Flight

  • Aviation English for Aircraft Technicians (per ICAO Standards)

  • Aviation Tyres Maintenance and Care (Line/Stores)

  • Low Frequency Acousticography / Coin Tap Test (c-test) inspection Of composites

  • Borescope Inspection of Turbine and Piston Engines

  • Dangerous Goods (per IATA Standards)

  • Sheet Metal Advanced

  • Root Cause Analysis

  • Suspected Unapproved Parts

  • Corrosion Prevention and Control

  • Composite Inspection and Repairs

  • NDT Course (Visual Testing and Liquid Penetrant Testing)

  • Aircraft Reliability training course

  • Engineering and Planning Procedures training course

JSS Aviation can also prepare and organise bespoke courses in order to meet client’s requirements.


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