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  • Can I Become an Aircraft Maintenance Licensed Engineer?
    Yes, Go through the JSS (Journey of satisfactory services) to become licensed engineer.
  • Why I Choose JSS Aviation?
    We are working in a transparent way and understand your needs to achieve your GOAL providing total solution of Aircraft Maintenance Licensing or / and aircraft maintenance or / and Aviation consultation. Your journey with satisfactory services is our goal.
  • What is AML & How I Get It?
    AML stand for aircraft maintenance license and can be obtained after passing all part 66 Modular examination and having sufficient working experience.
  • Where would a carrier in aircraft engineering Licensing take me?
    Licensed aircraft maintenance engineers are in demand, especially who are having EASA B1 / B2 qualified. Now days most of the aviation industries run their business with EASA approval or accept EASA B1/B2 due highest standard maintained by the authority and their representatives. To gain an aircraft engineer’s licence, you need to demonstrate competency in the required technical skills, have an understanding of aviation regulations, legislation and have gained the relevant modular exam, type training (Theoretical / practical ), and required on job training experience. The more qualifications and variety of engine/system/type licences you have, the better your employment and career opportunities.
  • What is the difference between AME & LAME as per international standard?
    An aircraft maintenance engineer (AME) works under the direction of a licensed aircraft maintenance engineer (LAME) to carry out servicing and maintenance work. They must meet a range of local and international aviation standards to ensure the aircraft is airworthy. An AME’s job is to maintain and service aircraft: In approved maintenance organisations or / & Airlines. LAMEs can also carry out servicing and maintenance work, but their main role is to supervise the work of other engineers in the team and sign off on the work, certifying that the job has been completed to the required standard and the aircraft is ready to fly. In most cases, an aircraft engineering team will be made up of a number of apprentices, aviation maintenance workers, AMEs and LAMEs across different specialisations (mechanical, structural and avionics). The ability to communicate clearly and effectively as part of a team is very important for an aircraft engineer.
  • Is License engineer license & type training valid for life time?
    Aircraft maintenance engineer licences are perpetual, but to keep licences current, aircraft maintenance engineers are required to have six months experience in the field during the previous 24 months. Due to the ever-increasing complexity of aircraft, LAMEs are encouraged to undertake ongoing training, using courses such as those offered by manufacturers, employers or external contractors.
  • I don’t have any aircraft type endorsed on my license, how i can get endorse?
    Type rating can be endorsed on EASA AML after successful completion of any EASA approved type course from EASA approved 147 organisation. For first type endorsement you also required SOJT.
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