Thermoformed Plastic Repair

Journey of Satisfactory Services

JSS Aviation team is capable of repair, polishing and painting of parts and panels made from thermoformed plastics.

 Repair of Tray Tables

A broken meal tray table on a passenger seat may lead to blocking the seat and result in loss of revenue. We make sure that they are repaired and delivered back to you at the shortest possible span of time

Repair of Seat Arm Rests

A damaged arm rest on a seat may cause ample discomfort to the passenger and embarrassment to the operator. Send them to us and we will mend them and return back like a new  one.

Repair of  Thermoformed Plastic Upholstery

Thermoformed plastic upholstery of aircraft cabins might get cracked or damaged easily, but mending them is not that easy. Our skilled technicians make their best effort to restore all damaged upholstery to their near new condition.


Aircraft cabin interior panels are often made of plastic and susceptible to damages.  We can repair all thermoformed plastic parts with high level of precession.