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JSS Aviation is the training organization for part 66 total solutions.
It was established with the main purpose of ensuring an optimum organizational environment in order to raise the standards of aeronautical training & maintenance.

JSS Aviation currently is a part of EASA Part 147 approved Maintenance Training Organization (MTO) approved in accordance under EU / EL 147.0013. See the Approval Certificate here.

JSS Aviation provides Part 147 training courses and also other specialized aviation courses

We provide Type training,  integrated or modular packages of training solution for the aviation sector, at our locations in Noida – India with keeping quality standard as per EASA.


With access to skilled instructors, our focus is on delivering best in class skills to existing and new generations of aviation technicians and engineers.

Structure of teaching include in total and separately upon client‘s request:

  • Examination and Review
  • Provision of e-Books
  • Selective Multiple Choice Questions

Examinations will be conducted for each module that make up a complete Part-66 aircraft maintenance licence category. The examination pass mark is 75%. A failed module may not be retaken for at least 90 days following the date of the failed module examination.

We provide modules such as:

  • Module 1. Mathematics
  • Module 2. Physics
  • Module 3. Electrical fundamentals
  • Module 4. Electronic fundamentals
  • Module 5. Digital Techniques Electronic Instrument Systems
  • Module 6. Materials and Hardware
  • Module 7. Maintenance Practices
  • Module 8. Basic Aerodynamics
  • Module 9. Human Factors
  • Module 10. Aviation Legislation
  • Module 11A. Turbine Aeroplane Aerodynamics, Structures and Systems
  • Module 13 . Aircraft Aerodynamic Structure and systems
  • Modules 14 Propulsion
  • Module 15. Gas Turbine Engine
  • Module 17. Propeller